CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 2 AUGUST – SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER NUMBER 5 1998 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family JAMES ARMSTRONG Subj: James Armstong Date: 98-06-29 02:44:05 EDT From: I just returned from Robertson Co. and wanted to pass on this info. James Armstrong just recently had a stroke. He will be in a nursing home while recouping. Will try to find out more info and let you know. Catch you later. Talk to you later…… Sharon MARY "POLLY" CALDWELL Mary "Polly" Caldwell was the wife of John "Indiana" Couts, son of Chrisley Sr. She has been hard to track down over the years, because her name was common and there were so many Caldwells in the Kentucky area. Our sparse information listed a Matthew as her father, and a Curtis as a relative, but we couldn't prove it. Then, I joined the HYPERLINK L@rootsweb.comfor Caldwells. One day, she magically appeared on the screen. Thank you Georgeann Brooksley, Ruby Stokes, and DeDeeMe!!!! From: DeDeeMe Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 To: CALDWELL-L@, Subject: Re: Mary "Polly" Caldwell I have in my database a Polly CALDWELL born about 1788 in Spartenburg County, South Carolina, the third child of Matthew CALDWELL, and his first wife whose name is unknown. [Editor's note: traditional naming patterns would make her Mary – third daughter would be called Polly, until mother's death] Matthew CALDWELL is the son of Curtis CALDWELL and Sarah FODERN or WILKERSON. Polly's spouse is listed as John Couch, married 9 Aug 1809. [ Editor's note: Polly and John moved to Warrick County, Indiana, circa 1812] The father, Matthew CALDWELL, was born in Warren or Union Kentucky and died in Gasconade Co., MO. Matthew had 14 children with his first wife: Sarah (b. 1784), Curtis (1786), Polly (abt 1788), John L. (abt 1790), Henry (abt 1792), Christina or Christian (abt 1794), Isaac (abt 1798), Matthew H. (abt. 1800), George H. (abt 1802), and Christina Christian, (abt 1787), Sarah (abt 1791), Mary (abt 1790), Isaac (1795), John L. (26 Oct 1796). I hope this may be the Polly you are looking for. (YES!!) From: Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 12:14:42 EDT Dear Barb: It seems we are in the same confusing boat re Sarah who married Curtis Caldwell. We based our assumption that she was a Fondren because of the security on the estate settlement and the few other documents that place Curtis Caldwell in the same area as John Fondren early on before part of Mecklenburg Co NC became SC. There appears to be more than one Curtis - and of course there is Jr. One Curtis Caldwell, fitting ours, was a known Tory, and the Fondrens were also. Since Curtis died ca 1782 and the war ended 1781, that brings on a lot of thought about his death. I have no clue. but again he was a little old to have actually fought - but possible if we have his birthdate any where close - I am showing 1738-1742, I guess. We've played around with that so much. We do believe that John Fondren of Fishing Creek was maybe the oldest of the family from which he came and maybe too old to have actually participated in battles - but his son, John Fondren II is probably the one with the pay vouchers, etc. Sarah may have been the second child in that group but no clue. I have the following children of Curtis and Sarah: Matthew b ca 1763 Union Co SC (part of old 96th) m 1 unk - but with 9children m-2 to Nancy White with 3 children. died in MO Sarah Caldwell Jordan, Miriam (Marion) Caldwell Lankford Guyton (The Guyton is another link for us) Curtis Caldwell, Jr. m Sarah _____ John Caldwell ONE OF THESE CALDWELLS MAYHAVE MARRIED A DAUGHTER OF THOMAS SHANKLIN. Robert Caldwell, James Caldwell, Mary Caldwell, Charles Caldwell (This info came for the most part (bits and pieces here and there, tho) from Julie Tatum Somehow I have Curtis WASHINGTON Caldwell and Sarah W. ________. Indication that Curtis fought in the French and Indian War and Cherokee War. (I have not sought records for this - something that needs to be done. I don't even know what else is out there. I have an address for Georgeann Brooksley along with her phone number. I can't recall if we have corresponded. If we need me to I can research my vertical file on Caldwell, but it is huge! I joined that Caldwell news letter thing a few years ago and all of that is together. Curtis may have been born in Chester or Union Cos. Get back to me, and you too George Ann. I would give most any thing to piece this together. Remember I have very little proof of this info. Mary From: From: (Georgeann Brooksby) Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:37:52 EDT Sorry, I don't have his looking again I see it is his probate. [THIS PETITION IS FOR JOHN OF INDIANA] Probate Order Book No. 1, page 420: J W B Morris Admin of the Estate of John Couts Dec'd and Widow and heirs of Dec'd Estate Now comes Administrators and files petition ............the court for.............against certain of the heirs in said petition named to appear and answer under oath as to the amount of by them recieveth in the life time of said decedent. and now comes Mary Couts widow of said John Couts Dec'd Levi Couts Matthew P. Couts Bluford H. Christwell (spelling in context) and Rhoda his wife. Charles S. Hill and Sally his wife, Thomas Fleener and Eliza his wife, John Price and Dolly his wife, andStephen V Price and Martha his wife heirs at law of said John Couts Dec'd defendents hearin and files their written and answer marked A hearin verified by affidavit which reads in words and figures following to wit: (here insert it) and it is ordered by the court that the several amounts in said answer set forth as received by the said heirs stand chargedagainst said Admin. and that the heirs stand charged with the several amounts by them received of the said decedent in his life time on the final distribution of said estate. Vol. 2 page 421 Now at this time comes Levi Couts and his mother the said Levi Couts is by the court appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of John Couts deceased to wit: Matilda, John Mary Ann and Aaron C. Couts and file his bond to the acceptance of the court and is sworn as said guardian. May 10, 1842 I have a few more references to estates settlements of other family members, I wrote to the county and after about six months they just sent me the name of a researcher, so I thought when I go to Salt Lake I would look up the rest. I had just worked a little on this family, just census and few probates and marriages, had not completed the job. Will be happy to work on it more. As I said earlier, no mention of Susanna, wonder if she died young and left no children which would account for no mention in the estate. Have a good day, George Ann ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CAVE J. COUTS – It may seem that we are em phasizing "Old Cave", but he is just so notorious or is it infamous in California History, there is always something more interesting to add to the newsletter. TO TRIAL FOR TRYING TO STEAL COURTHOUSE ~ YESTERDAY IN THE WEST, BY Coyer, a free-lance writer living in San Diego Nov. 17, 1985 ~ materials submitted by Lucy Leon Next, Bean decided to bring an accomplice in on the scheme. He called upon the aid of an Army officer with whom he had recently become friendly: Lt. Cave Johnston (sic) Couts of the 1st U.S. Dragoons. Lt. Couts seemed like a good choice as partner since at this time he was already in legal trouble with the Army. Before his arrival in San Diego, he had been stationed in Los Angeles and while on duty there operated a "gambling den" with two civilians. The Army discovered this operation and charged the lieutenant with "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentle man." Since officers were at a premium in California, the Army decided to delay Couts' trial until more troops arrived in the area. (Couts finally faced a court martial on Dec. 27, 1850, and was cleared of the charge.) To make Couts a partner in the courthouse deal, Bean sold him part of the property for $2.50. All this wheeling-and dealing took place on June 15, the very day Bean was elected mayor. He had to carry out his plan fast while he still had the powers of an alcalde. Believing he now had full ownership of the building and property, Bean then began to bully the council members. His first act was to take over the room used by the clerk and throw out all of the papers and documents stored there. When the council members demanded an explanation for his actions, Bean informed them that he now owned the building and would do with it as he pleased. He and Couts then proceeded to take possession of the other officers for their own use and, at the same time, Couts began construction on a two-story frame structure immediately next door. Bean intimated to the council members that if they did not accept his authority, he would evict them all by December. The council immediately began an investigation into Bean's ownership of the courthouse. They questioned Senora Amador and fund that although she had sold the deed to Bean, she thought he was acting on behalf of the city. If she had known he was buying the land for his personal use, she would never have sold it. The council then began checking the past ownership of the lots and made a surprising discovery - Senora Amador did not have a legal claim to the property. When Alcalde Alvarado sold the deed to her husband, he failed to attach an official seal to the document and did not use stamped paper. He also neglected to record the price of the property on the deed, another infraction of regulations. Besides all this, Amador never had occupied or improved the land. All this added up to the widow's ownership of the tract being null and void. Armed with this information, the councilmen wrote up the results of their investigation and on Aug. 20 submitted them to court. Ironically, the document lists the plaintiffs as the "Mayor and Common Council of the City of San Diego" even though the mayor, Joshua Bean, was one of the defendants. After reading the accusations, Bean acknowledged that he knew Amador's ownership of the land was null and void, but pointed out that in that case the lots reverted back to the city, and as mayor, Bean could dispose of the property as he saw fit. But Bean must have believed Amador's claim was a valid one, otherwise why bother to buy the deed from his widow? Next came a strange series twists an turns in the legal battle. On Oct. 1, the council decided to recognize Bean and Couts' claim to the property, drop their lawsuit against the two men, and that both parties would pay their own legal costs. But nine days later, Bean and Couts suddenly changed their minds and were willing to sign the deed to the courthouse over to the city council. The matter finally came to trial on Jan. 7, 1851. Judge Olivers S. Witherby decided in favor of the city council. Bean and Couts not only had to relinquish their claim to the property, but also pay all court cost as well. Couts was allowed to keep the building he had constructed next door, which he turned into a successful hotel know as the Colorado House. The town hall/courthouse continued to serve the growing community of San Diego until its destruction by fire on April 20, 1872. although the site of may court cases dealing with theft, never again would the building itself be the object of such a case. DEED OF SALE ROCKINGHAM COUNTY CLERK'S RECORDS FROM THE VIRGINIA ARCHIVES Page 117 – ordered to be recorded by the court, Pet Hog C.R.C. Recorded from Original Deed under Act of Assembly approved in Nov. 18, 1884 This Indenture made the twentyth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty one Between Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife of the county of Rockingham and in the state of Virginia of the one part and Conrad Kester of the other part and in the county aforesaid withnessth that for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred pounds current money of Virginia in had paid by the said Conrad Kester at or before the Sealing and Delivery of these present the Recpt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and there doth release acquiti and Discharge to said Conrad Kester his Heirs and assigns by these present he the said Peter Kouts, Sussannah, his wife haste granted bargained sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien and confirm and by this Present unto said Conrad Kester and his Heirs and assigns forever one certain Tract of Land Containing one Hundred and eighty-six acres lying and being in county aforesaid on a branch of the North river Shannando called Wallings Creek first granted to James Gill by Patent bearing date the thirteenth day of June 1743 and afterward conveyed by Adam Rader to the said Deter Kouts by Deeds and Lease and Release dated the 4th and 5 days of August in the year 1761 and boundeth as followisth Beginning at two white oaks on the West side of said Creek and running thence south seventy five Degrees East seventy two poles crossing the said Creek at a pine North fifteen Degrees East one thousand and seventy poles to a white oak south seventy five degrees East-thirty Eight poles to two pines north to two pines North fifteen Degrees East +++ hundred and sixty poles to two white oaks, north seventy five degrees, west one hundred and ten poles, crossing said creek, to three pines on the top of a ridge south fifteen degrees west three hundred and thirty to the beginning and all houses buildings orchards ways water , water courses profits, commodities, hereditaments and appurtenances. Whatsoever to the said Premises here by granted or any part there of, belonging or in anyway appertaning and the revisions and revisions remainder and reminders rents issues and profits thereof and also all of the state rights, and titles trusts, properly claimed or demands whatsoever of him the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife and to the said premises and all deeds evidences and writings touching or in any way con cerning the same to have and to hold the land here by conveyed and all singular premises. Here by ++++ every part and parcel thereof with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said Conrad Kester his heirs and assigns forever the only proper use and behoof of him. The said Conrad Cutter and of his heirs and assigns forever and the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife for themselves their heirs and assigns by these presents that the said Deter Kouts and Sussannah his wife now at the time of the sealing and delivers of these is seized of a good and sure Perfect and Indefensable Estate of Inheretence in fee simple of and in the premises Hereby granted that She hath good Power and lawfull and absolute Right and authority to grant and convey the same to the said Conrad Kester In manner and form aforesaid and that the said Premise now are and so forever hereafter shall remain and be free and clear of and from all former and other Gifts Grants Bargains sales Dower Right Title of Dower Judgement Executions Titles Troubles charges Incumbrances whatso ever made and done contained or suffered by the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife or any Person or persons whatsoever assessment here after to grow in and payable to the collector for the time being for the use of the Commonwealth of Virginia for and in respect of the said Premises only Excepted and for Aurprized and the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife and their heirs all and Singular the Premises Hereby Granted with the appurtenances unto the said Conrad Kester his Heirs and assigns them the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife and their heirs and all and every other Person and forever Defend by these Present and Lastly that the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife and their Heirs and every other Person or Persons and their Heirs and everything having or claiming in the Premises here before mentioned or intended to be hereby Bargained and sold shall and will from time and at all times Hereafter at the reasonable Bequest and at the Proper Cost and charges in the Sur of him the said Conrad Kesler his heirs or assigns make do and execute or cause or procure to be made done and executed all and every such further and personable act and at thing or things conveyance and assurances for there Better and more effectual conveying and assuring the premises aforesaid with their and every of their appurtanances and the said Conrad Kesler his heirs and assign by the said Deter Kouts his heirs and assigns or there Counsel Learned in the Law shall be Reasonable advised or Ievised or Required in witnesses where of the said Deter Kouts and Susannah his wife have hereunto se there hands and seals the day and year above written Sealed and Delivered (original in German) Peter Koutz Seal In presence of Susannah ({her mark) Kouts Cornelius Collins John Whitman, John Thomas At a court held for Rockingham County on the 27th day of Aug 1781 This Deed of Bargain and sale from Peter Couts and Susanna his wife to Conrad Koster was proved by the witnesses and ordered to be recorded By the Court Pet. Hog C.R.C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE INTERNET COUTS - THE LATEST COLLECTION- From: Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 Subject: Re: Stark Don't mind at all. You may not be familiar with TN history, and that could make your research efforts a little more difficult. As you no doubt from the generous help of our friends, comes the next piece of information: From: CBStark HYPERLINK "mailto:CBStark@" Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 Subject: Stark Barbara, I have e-mailed with a Couts researcher in the past but can't pinpoint which person in my rolodex that was. I try to keep a hard copy address book of researchers in my various lines. I have a copy of the three volume set of "James Stark of Stafford County of Virginia and his Descendants" and share whatever I can locate in that with others. That book is so complete and my own branch of the family (John Carter Stark of Sumner County, TN) has stayed put since 1810 so there just isn't that much more I need to do on my Stark line catching my other lines up to the same level. The only information I have other than family records on the Gordon [Margaret Couts, mother of Susannah Couts, who married Phillip Freeman, was believed to have married a Gordon] line comes from the 1850 Jackson Co, TN and 1860 Davidson Co TN census files. Family records include only death and burial records for Malissia Adaline Gordon, my great-grandmother. Here is what I have: James b abt 1805 in KY - Martha J. b abt 1809 in VA - James W. Gordon b abt 1835- John A. Gordon b abt 1837 Mary E. Gordon b abt 1842- Margaret E. Gordon b abt 1847- Martha L. Gordon b abt 1850- Malisssia Adaline Gordon b 1 March 1854 in Davidson Co, Tn, d 10 March 1891 Sumner Co, TN m abt 1875 Mills Taylor Bloodworth- Medorah C. Gordon b abt 1856 m Ide The TN marriage index lists: James W. Gordon to Rebecca J. Shannon 6-10-1859 in Robertson Co. John A. Gordon to M. J. Williams 6-19-1858 in Sumner Co. I have been able to obtain a copy of the marriage license of James and Rebecca, and handwritten across the bottom is "Solemnized the rites of matrimony of the above named parties on the 16th of June 1859. s/ H. L. Covington, JP." I have no idea if this James and John are the James and John listed on the 1850 index, but I have followed up on this because of the family tradition that my mother had two uncles who went to the Civil War and never were heard from again. I am further intrigued by this as I type. The Couts were in Robertson Co, right? And the Couts have Gordon connections, right? James and Rebecca were married there by H. L. Covington. Two of my Bloodworth ancestors lived in Robertson Co for some time and are connected to a family in Sumner Co but I can't connect them to their father. How ever, two Sumner Co Bloodworths married Covingtons, and both were from Logan Co [Editor's note: our group was in Logan formerly Lincoln Co KY], KY which is right across the line from Robertson. All this may be neither here nor there to your Stark- Couts-Gordon line or my Stark-Bloodworth- Gordon line, but every little clue helps. Any information I can dig out from my Stark books I'll be more than happy to share with you. If you can pick up on anything about these mysterious Gordons, I'd love to hear from you. And if you run across any Bloodworths HELP! If you like, I'll pass your e-mail address along to any other Couts researcher I hear from. I have to do all my researching from home because of chemical sensitivities and allergies, but my niece visits the TSL&A and Sumner Co. Archives as she gets time off from work, which, of course, isn't nearly as often as I would like. Let me hear from you again soon. Joyce 4 Subj: Girls Lutheran Reformed Schools, From: Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff HYPERLINK Hello Barbara, I regret I cannot tell you about schools in PA, but perhaps I can help you in other ways. In looking for the name of any church or church school I believe you should be aware that the words "Reformed" and "Lutheran" in any title should be connected by the word "and." I make this point because there never was a "Reformed Lutheran" church. If you have found it written "Reformed Lutheran" it is either an error, a deliberate abbreviation, or a misunder standing of some other sort. The German Lutheran Church and German Reformed Church had congregations in many, many places in Pennsylvania where both con gregations would share the use of a common church building and/or school building. Often virtually the same people would attend worship every Sunday in the same building as the ministers from the two churches would alternate conducting the services. However, at communion services one would see only about half of the congregation participating and the other half would wait until it was the turn oftheir pastor to conduct the communion service. As a consequence these activities sometimes took the name of "Union" church or school. I was raised in a Northumberland Co. and was a member of a Lutheran Church where the Sunday School was a "Union" school. I don't know if this will help you in your searches for church documents, but it might. If you have any interest in Benjamin Franklin Kautz, born 1851 in Baden, Germany, to Henry & Magdalena (Longyear) Kautz, who immigrated in 1854, graduated from Gettysburg College and Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary and who was ordained as a Lutheran minister in 1880, I have information on his ministry and his family that I will gladly send to you. Best regards, Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff From: Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 Subject: Re: Stark Don't mind at all. You may not be familiar with TN history, and that could make your research efforts a little more difficult. As you no doubt know, TN was originally the western territory of NC. In 1779 settlers crossed from East TN to what is now Nashville and shortly thereafter, NC designated much of Middle TN as Davidson Co. As the settlement grew, Sumner and Ten nessee Counties were added. After NC ceded the territory to the US government and it entered the Union in 1796 as Tennessee, that county was divided and its name changed to Montgomery (Clarksville) and Robertson (Springfield). Many of the records of Tennessee County are lost, but much info concerning the area and early families can be found in Montgomery and Robertson Counties, and don't overlook Davidson and Sumner. Logan Co KY is directly across the state line from Robertson Co TN. Keep in mind that the boundary between VA and NC was in dispute before KY and TN became states, and the line wasn't finally settled until after 1800, well after the early settlers had laid claim to bounty lands and/or purchased farms. It is not inconceivable that you will find records in KY or TN, Davidson, Sumner, Tennessee, Montgomery, and Robertson Counties having to do with one specific fact that never moved or migrated but had boundaries disputed, settled, moved, and re-designated. But I really don't think it is as bad as it sounds. The book, "Red River Settlers, Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Counties, Tennes see" has this to say on Couts: "John H. Poston married Nancy L. Nelson. They were the parents of thirteen children. Hugh Hammill Poston of Nashville was one of their sons, and Benjamin F. Poston of Clarksville was another. Richard and William Poston, two other sons settled in Memphis. They were lawyers. One of the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Poston married John F. Couts, as his first wife. ......" "James H. Woodward, one of the sons of the Hon. and Mrs. Woodward, was born on 28 Apr 1832 and was married in 1877 to Nannie L. Draughon the daughter of Dr. George E. and Tabitha (Couts) Draughon......" I love a mystery. That's what got me into genealogy as much as anything, but I didn't mean to get this much into your particular mystery! But I've enjoyed it so let me know if I can be of further help. Joyce Subj: FLEENER Date:8-04-25 From: (Betty Fleener) Hi, I saw a querry in your newsletter about a Nicholas Fleener. My husband is descended from him and if Sheryl would like to contact me I have over 18,600 FLE cousins in my database. A lot of them are in my database at HYPERLINK Betty Fleener Subj: Byrd Family Date:98-04-26 From: (Roger green) Hi, I was wondering if you know if any of the Byrd's in your family may have raised some GREEN CHILDREN. We have been told that the younger children of some of our ancestors was raised by the BYRD FAMILY. Just trying to tie in more family history. Also do you know who the family was of SUSAN C. GREEN 1837- 1878 that married ARCHER B. COUTS 1833-1911. Thank You Roger Green From: CBStark Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 Subject: Couts-Stark In checking the index of my James Stark of Stafford Co VA and his Descendants books, I find little or no genealogical data on John Couts. He married Leah Stark, b ca 1765 in Loudoun Co VA; m John Couts ca 1790 Robertson Co, TN; d 1830-40 Robertson Co TN. She was the dau of Thomas Stark and Rachel?. Thomas was b ca 1725 Stafford Co, VA, d 1802 Robertson Co TN. Rachel died after 1802 in Robertson Co. TN. Thomas Stark was the son of James Stark and Elizabeth Thornton of Stafford Co VA. Thomas Stark migrated from VA to TN by way of SC, and it was in SC that the Coats/Coates/Couts/Coutes and Stark families seem to have met and joined confusions. I just hope this will all fit on an e-mail. By page citation, I'll give you what is here on the Couts name: Page 794 - data listed above Page 811 - "In the 1790s one Jacob Pennington and one Isaac Pennington were in the same area of KY/TN as were the Stark family of Thomas Stark. MontgomeryCo TN Deed Bk A, p 124 shows Moulton of Lincoln Co VA conveying to Jacob Pen nington of Tennessee Co. 320 acres on Sulpher Fork of Red River. This deed was witnessed by John Couts. Stephen Cantrell of Sumner Co NC (TN) conveyed to Jacob Pennington of Ten nessee Co 274 acres on Sulphur Fork of Red River adjoining John Couts and Molton Mouldin (Montgomery Co TN Deed Bk A, p 127) dated Oct. 15, 1790, proved Sept. 24, 1792. Also in 1790 Moulton Mouldren of Lincoln Co VA conveyed to the heirs of Chrisley Couts 320 acres in Tennessee Co on Sulpher Fork of Red River adjoining Jacob Pen nington. The deed was witnessed by John Couts (Montgomery Co TN Deed Bk A, p 128). Page 818 - "Tennessee Notes: Few records are extant for the 1790s for the Robertson Co TN area where Thomas Stark Sr. and his 3 sons James, William, and Walter moved in late 1788 or 1789. The Anna Pearson McIntosh papers state that 'William Stark with his 2 brothers, James and Ephraim (error for Walter), emigrated to TN some time during 1790 and settled the farm on Beaver Dam, afterwards owned by John Couts. This statement is very close to the 1788-89 date when Thomas Stark did migrate to TN. The Goodspeed "History of TN" in the Robertson Co section is also fairly accurate. This history states that in 1792 in the 18th District near Beaver Dam Creek settled William and James Stark. Thomas Stark is not mentioned in either of these accounts probably because his death in 1802 was so many years prior to the writing of these two accounts that he had been forgotten by late descendants." Page 820 - ".........The Anna Pearson McIntosh papers state that Leah was the daughter of James Stark and that she married John Couts. She was too old to be a daughter of James Stark being born ca 1765. By tradition Leah was a Stark and must have been a daughter of Thomas Stark. Her name, Leah, also comes down in the name of children of Jeremiah(3) Stark. See Chapter 71 for further discussion of Leah (Stark) Couts." Page 926 - "Robertson Co TN Wills, p 274 -- Sept 29, 1813 - Aug 1815." The will of Nehimiah Vernon of Robertson Co TN is quoted and the last paragraph thereof states "I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Charity Vernon and my trusty friend John Couts and Anthony Jones son of David Jones executors of this my last will and testament." Page 1026 - After citing references to Stark purchases recorded in Montgomery Co TN Deed Bk A, p 277, Robertson Co TN Deed Bk B, p 3, Robertson Co TN Deed Bk B, p 332, and Robertson Co TN Deed Bk J. p 82, there is "The farms all joined. One of he (Stark) brothers settled the farm afterwards owned by Arch Couts and in 1935 owned by Joe Couts......" Page 1028 - "Robertson Co TN Deed Bk N,p 484 - May 2, 1818. James Stark to Jessee Morris -- 106 acres - dividing line of James Stark Jr. - line of Walter. Stark. Wit: William Couts, Joseph Hardaway. "Robertson Co TN Deed Bk 0, p 12 - Apr 24, 1818. James Stark to John Couts 274 acres on waters of Sulphur Fork -- $1327. Wit: James Appleton, William Couts. "Robertson Co Minutes Bk 5 -- Apr 1818. James Stark to John Couts 274 acres." Page 1032 - "Robertson Co Minute Bk 6 - Feb 1821. William Couts overseer. Hands: James Stark, Walter Stark. "Robertson Co TN Minute Bk 9 -- Nov 1828. Archer Couts overseer in room of Walter Stark. Hands: Walter Stark, William Couts, JohnCouts, James W. Stark." Page 1033 - "Robertson Co TN Minute Bk 9 - Feb 1830. John Krisel Jr. Overseerin room of Archer Couts. Hands: Walter Stark, Archer Couts, William Couts, John Couts, James W. Stark" Page 1047 - "Robertson Co TN Deed Bk 13, p 475. Sally Henry and husband Thomas Henry, Frances Grimes and husband Cornelius Grimes, Thomas W. Stark, Elizabeth Grimes and husband Jessie Grimes, Mary Wells and husband Milton Wells, Miriam Wells and husband Henry Wells, Franklin Stark and Mary Stark, all the children and widow of Walter Stark deceased all above 21 years of age to William Couts. Land on waters of Beaver Dam Creek being the land belonging to the estate of Walter W. Stark deceased. 145 acres and 15 acres. Total 161 acres 25 poles......" Page 1126 - Refers again to the Goodspeed History referred to above. Page 1127 - "Birth, Death and Marriages of William Stark.......The factual evidence points strongly to the fact that William Stark was married twice. According to the 1788 New berry Co SC deed, the name of the first wife of William Stark was Ann. She was probably Ann Coats, daughter of William Coats." Page 1128 - "Camden Dist SC Will Bk -- proved June 15, 1783. Will of William Coats of Camden Co SC. Executrix: wife Frances. Daughters Ann Starkes, Priscilla Coats. Sons Barton Coats, William Coats, Benjamin Coats. Wit: James Gore, Polley Coates, Elisha Gore. There follows several SC and MO documents witnessed by various Coats. In Robertson Co TN in Jan 1797 Barton Coats, William Coats on Jury; in 1799 Benjamin Coats, William Coats on Jury; in 1802 Benjamin Coutes, James Stark, Wm Stark on jury. "Robertson Co TN Deed Bk D (printed book) Index in front of book -- William Coats to John Baker. "Bk D, p 50. William Couts to John Baker 320 acres granted to Henry J ohnson -- Deer Pond. Jan 22, 1800. Wit: Bazel Boren. On pages 1128, 1129, and 1130 the text makes me appreciate the confusion you face in researching the Couts/Coutes /Coats/Coates name in SC, TN, and perhaps on into MO. I have read and re-read it and found no firm fact that would justify typing it all out for you, but then, I may just have become confused! :-) Most of it is a recap of the problems and covers ground already quoted above. Page 1190 - Annie Stark [William(6) Harrison, John(5) W., William(4), William(3), Thomas(2) b 1 Jul 1884 Robertson Co TN, m John G. Couts, d 5 Jan 1921 Robertson Co TN. Page 1194 - Robertson Co TN Deed Bk 3, p 270 - Oct 26, 1832 – Property transfer from Ephraim Stark to Benjamin B. Porter witnessed by William Couts, Jos. Hardaway. Robertson Co TN Will Bk 10, p 598 - Feb 27, 1841. Inventory and Account of Sale of slaves of Ephraim Stark deceased as sold by a decree of the Circuit Court. "Amount of sales of slaves as sold by Benj B. Porter and William Couts." Page 1208 - Robertson Co TN Deed Bk J. p 375 June 17, 1811 - Aug 11, 1812. John McCarley and John Couts witnessed property transfer from Thomas Johnson to Walter Stark. "Robertson Co TN Minute Bk 9 - Nov. 1828 Archer Couts overseer in room of Walter Stark. Hands: Walter Stark, Isaac Morris, and John Morris. The following hands to keep it in good repair: William Couts, John Couts, Jesse Morris, James W. Stark," Page 1209 - "Robertson Co TN Minute Bk 9 - Feb 1830. John Krisel Jr. overseer in room of Archer Couts. Hands: Walter Stark, Archer Couts, Isaiah Morris, William Couts, John Morris, John Couts, James W. Stark, Jesse Morris." Page 1246 - 1263 - This Chapter 71 with the descendants of Leah Stark [Leah (3) Thomas(2)] and John Couts. Hope this is more helpful than confusing, but maybe it will give you leads. Joyce Davis Nicole Davis Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Chico, CA Time: 1998-05-05 Comments: Wow, Great Site. My family comes down through Cave Johnson Couts, JR. I'm not sure of the exact line off hand, but I know my great grandmother's maiden name was Couts. I have a family tree through the Bandini Assoc. Right now one of my professors is actually looking at it. If you like I can send it to you also. Please email me and let me know. Subj: COUTS FAMILY HISTORY Date: 98-05-03 00:20:43 EDT From: gnxyyz (michael j couts) HELLO, MY NAME IS MICHAEL COUTS AND I AM INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT WHO MY RELATIVES ARE ON MY FATHERS SIDE. MY FATHERS NAME IS GEORGE WILLIAM COUTS AND HIS FATHERS NAME IS ARTHUR COUTS. THEY BOTH RESIDED IN PHILADELPHIA FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER. I HAVENT SEEN MY FATHER FOR OVER 20 YEARS, SO MY INFORMATION IS LIMITED. ANY INFO YOU CAN PROVIDE WHOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANK Hi Barbara: According to my genealogy program I am a 3rd cousin to Archer Couts, 3 generations removed. Our common ancestor is John Wilks b. abt 1710 in New Kent Co., VA. Visited you WEB PAGE and it is very good. Sincerely, Jim- [Jim please write back, I don't have your email] \\|// (@ @) ~~~~~~~~~~oOOo~(_)~oOOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crisley Couts a man of letters This signature of Crisley Couts was found on a petition to the government of North Carolina, from the Red River TN/KY. Name: Joan Matthews Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Central point, Oregon Time: 1998-05-18 04:43:28 Comments: I was looking for John Matthews and came across the California Couts Cousins. I am working on the Couts for my granddaughter ( 11 year old Varonika Matthews ) on her mother's side. Her great Grandmother and I are friends. This is where I got most of my information. She is Lois Couts, the wife of the late Abraham Minton Couts, a descendent of Christley Couts Sr.. Abraham's parents were Ida Onstott & Joseph Mansfield Couts. On April 22,1998 , Lois Couts turned 81 years young. Subject: Edna Couts Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:26:03 0700 From: (Charles R Geiberger) When visiting my aunt, Edna Couts, yesterday I found the CALIFORNIA COUTS COUSINS newsletter in her room. Edna is 99 years old and blind so she wasn't aware of the newsletter since no one had read any of it to her. She would ordinarily have been very interested in it but unfortunately two months ago suffered a type of stroke which has severely impaired her memory. Edna was married to Lee Gurnett Couts, a grandson of Lt. Cave J.Couts, until Lee's death in 1950. She has kept in touch with two of Cave's direct descendants of her generation, Nanette Couts Thompson and Susan Couts Springstead. They and their brother Richard Couts are the children of Forster and Nan Couts. Forster was Lee Couts's brother and they were both born on Rancho Guajome, which was described, in your last newsletter. Forster and Lee were the sons of John Forster Couts, who was the son of Cave Johnson Couts. John Forster Couts was the brother of Cave Couts Jr., mentioned in the article about Lt. Cave J. Couts. I just talked to Nanette Couts Thompson. She would be very interested in receiving the newsletter and felt that her sister Susan would be even more interested. They may be able to give you more information about Cave Couts' family. I am curious to know how you came to be sending the newsletter to Edna Couts, let me know if you have time. Sincerely, Bob Geiberger 7 Name: Helen Couts Neudorfer Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Pittsburgh PA Time: 1998-06-20 Comments: My grandfather was George Washington Couts. He married Elizabeth Donofrio in the late 1890's. They had 12 children and lived in Pittsburgh all of their lives. I would like to hear from any relatives. Great web page! From: Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 Subject: Re: Augusta County, VA Query : GRIM My, this was a quick answer to the AUGUSTA COUNTY,.VA rootsweb. I am sorry but the only thing I have on JACOB GRIM born 1755 is that his son PHILLIP GRIM was born in ROCKRIDGE, VA in 1779 and that the family moved on to OHIO. I wish I could help you. I am searching too for the family of my first JACOB GRIM. What a mystery !!!! It would be great if we could connect in some way. Until then I wish you luck on this 4th of July. Dottie in CA p.s. Where were your GRIM'S in VA from ? and who were their siblings? From: Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 12:37:47 EDT Subject: Re: TNDAVIDS SURNAMES Hello Barbara, I saw your post on the TNDAVIDS list and thought I'd take a second. As you'll recall, I'm a descendant of Nancy Couts, John Byrd down through Henry and Lucinda Choate. Thanks to your help I was sent Choate and Byrd information by Mary L Reed [Byrd/Bird watcher], whom I need to contact again. Since Launa Kitros [Byrd/Bird watcher] has retired I've contacted her and told her I'd find another Couts on the information, which you may probably have seen, but if you haven't, here it is Winnie Hally/Hailey (Couts) Simmons 1806-1883. b. February 1806 in Indian Territory (where is that???), TN/NC d. Sept 12, 1883 in Lockwood, Dade Co, Mo. She was the daughter of John Ed Simmons and Cathy Choate b. Robertson Co, TN. She married one Pawhatan (Pocohontas) Choat/Choate, who was also her uncle, Cathy's younger brother!!!!! Lucinda was one of six of their children, a couple of whom ended up in Texas. Anyway, Launa knew about Winnie, but not in connection with Couts. I went back to your web site, through all your trees and couldn't find her. On the Descendants of Chrisley tree it does mention Simmons in the surname list, but I couldn't find Simmons anywhere. After so much success, on other lines I just finally turned back to these. Thought you'd be interested and wonder if you know where the Couts (or Hailey or Simmons for that matter fit in?) Maybe put a query in your next newsletter, which I am looking forward to. Janet (Baugh) Hunter in Alexandria, VA From: "The Prouty's" Subject: Re: Strode Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:02:43 -0700 I only have a little on Strode (Stroud). Our tree has Letitia Strode, b.Aug. 30,1725 in Frederick Co.,Virginia to James Edward Stode and Eleanor Shepard. She married Jacob Van Meter Sr. on 30 Aug. 1741 in Virginia. They came to Hardin Co, Ky 1779/80 using "houseboats" down the Ohio River with their children's families' etc., said to be about 100 people. I don't know if her side of the family was in this party. Do you have more information on this? I do have stories of their trip down the Ohio with Indian attacks etc. plus the settling of Severns Valley, but not a story of the Strode's being wiped out. See the DEWITT line of our web page, using the surname index for Jacob Van Meter Sr. if you are interested, I'll check out you page too! Thanks, Nancy Prouty ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE WILL OF HENRY COUTS ~ evidence and connection THIS INFORMATION CONNECTS HENRY, CHRISTOPHER (CHRISLEY JR.), SUSAANAH, and MARGARET COUTS Hardin county Kentucky, April 8th one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. In the name of God, Amen Henry COUTS being in perfect mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make this my last Will and Testament. First, I bequeath my body to the dust and my soul to God from whom I received it and that after my funeral Expences and all my debts are paid, I give and bequeath as follows to wit; to my well beloved wife, Sarah COUTS, the use and enjoyment of my whole estate, real and personal, during her natural life. And at her decease, then, I give my nephew Christopher COUTS, the value of one fourth part of the tract of land whereon I live, the said land to be valued and to be paid him in property at its real value. One fourth part. Item, I give to Henry Whitman, son of Mary Whitman, $15 to be paid him in property at its real value and after the several bequeaths are paid that then, I give the residue of my estate, both real and personal to my niece, Sussanah COUTS, and Daughter to my sister Margaret COUTS, to her and her heirs forever. My Will and desire is that my wife, Sarah COUTS, and my well beloved and trusted friend John Hadgen, act as my Executors in this my last Will and see that my desires in the distribution of what it has pleased to bless me with shall be complyed with. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Essa Hubbard Squire LaRue Wm. Payne. Henry Couts -Seal At a County Court began and held for Hardin County at the Court House in Elizabeth town on Monday the 9th of November, 1818. The within instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of Henry COUTS, deceased, was produced in court and proven by the oaths of Essa HUBBARD, Squire LARUE, and William BAYNE, to be the last and testament of said COUTS and ordered to be recorded and that I have truly recorded the same in my office. Attest, Saml HAYCRAFT, Jr. C.H.C.C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kentucky Tax List ~ 1790 Henry Couts, 1 white male over the age of 21; 4 horses owned; cattle owned 7 Lincoln County; Waterway Sugar Creek. Peter Couts 1 white male over the age of 21; 1 horse owned Lincoln County; Sugar Creek. Others on Sugar Creek - Joseph Bledsoe Jr., James Crafford; Daniel Cooley John Craig, Alex Colleir, James Collier William Camden, John Denton. Other waterways close: Licking Waters, Gilberta Creek, Dicks River Licking Run, Boones Creek, and Clear Creek.
A POINT OF CLARITY: Who Belongs Whom (let me know if your name isn't here) ~ Probable Parents: Dietrich "Teter" Couts (Kautz) and Sussana ? John of Robtson Co. TN , Chrisley Sr. , Henry, Margaret (Gordon), Elizabeth (Mason), Mary Magdalene, William Spouse: Leah Stark Sarah Wright Sarah Freeman ? ? Walter Stark EmelineEpps
JOHN COUTS AND LEAH STARK'S DESCENDANTS ~ COUTS, Byrd/Bird, Priddy, Wilson, Mosley, Mauer, Sexton, Brinkman Hutcheson, Schoonmaker, Farrell, Kettling, Wittmer, Johnson, Lane, Putnam, Nash, Eatmon, Phillips, Sloan, Hardin, Burnett, Barradall, Grant, Sweatt, Simpson, Bowles, McConnell, Page, Bowles, Austin, Collins, Oxley, Harper, Woodward, Beisner, Mills, Broyles, Raymond, Wyrick, Mc Clure, Kennard, Lyons, Valenzula, Donnelly, Engstrom, Beerly, Brown, Wilcox, Brown, Hausen, Renfro, Newman, St. John, Mc Neeley, Karleskint, Clements, Renfro, Meyers, Stewart, Middleton Hart, Dowdy Radell, West, Mildfelt, Clark, Freeman, Abbiatti, Davidson, Herine Denise Wolfe, Heisey, Morris, Speer, Pritchard, Shaffer, Berrigan, Putney, Griger, Buckingham, Hogan, Barriga, Bates, Gibson, Pearcy, Miller, Osborne, Bartlett, Gipson, Hope,Irby, Baugh, Hunter, Austin, Marsh, Scott, Tate, Caldwell, Davidson, McPhail, Brewer, Stark, Chester, Drysdale, Malher, Earlywine, Choate (Shoates), Robinson, Welsh, Nieslanik, Swartzendruber, Philips, Doyle, Ruttman, O'Bier, Nichols, Warwick, Pickering, Williams, Thompson, Francis, Stapp, Brownlee, Draughon, Woodward, Hasbrouck, Gray, Swope, Bandel, Beaty, Leistiko, Barbre, Bowen, Beck, Lewis, Granicy, Hedrick, Sawyer, Morris, Hagler, Griffith, Bayless, Yazel, Yozel, Von Elling, Vahle, Fredrick, Moon, Martin, Infanger, Watson, Willcockson, Leibrant, Gentry, Hartley, Helm, Baker, Farmer, Eldridge, Harris, Thornton, Henderson Blood, Seybold, Wilson, Aspinwall, Kruse, Walsh, Parker, Tucker, Walsh, Kruse, Stivers, Frogge Lavey Leeper, Maxwell, Ellis, Sooter, Leeper, Vaile, Mathne, Hayter, Finley, Killingworth, Crouch, Sewell, Houston, Stokes, Sara, Newland, Stith, Walker, Holcomb, Frey, Acker, Pitt, Greene, Adams, Simmons, Brasilli, Graves, Adcox, Mitchell, Huddleston, Green, Burnett, Echols, Ranklin, Haston, Crabtree, Rowash, Offutt, Moore, Black, Randolph, Johnson, Conner, Wilison, Stewart, Kitros, Drake, & Reynolds CHRISLEY COUTS AND SARAH WRIGHT DESCENDANTS ~ COUTS, Collins, Caldwells, Lefevers, Derossett, Bowers, Pearson, Askew, Campbell, Hollenbeck, Meguiar, Fleener, Dyres, Wrights, Owens, Draughons, Appleton, Greene, Gibbons, Gwaltney, Mallon, Myers, Reed, Butcher, Grim, Davis, Rae, Leale Lockwood, Benton, Boyd, Siddon, Moores ,Andersons, Chriswell, Price, Sevrein (Levin), Minton, Hill, Winn, Hannah, La Pree Barnett, Buchanan, Strickland, Baird, Garrison, Bridgman, Penny, Jennings, Burdit, Kirby, Robinson, Ford, Page, Wins, Gibson, Jauron, Luker, Bandini, Simmons, Fields, Adams, Davidson, Gerlt, Marriott, Weaver, Palmes, Braden, Deferrari, Phelps, Lallier, Hartig, Caldwell, Barton, Childers, Dunn, Roderick, Peacock, Upham, Leon, Williams, Flanharty, Keith, Stockton, Ryan, Chessir, Paton, Middleton, Allen, Hill, Strodes, Dykes, Pulse, Dykes, Rollins, Bankhead, Bookout, Smith, Jackson, Evans, Lyons, Yaeger, Yaber, Callahan, Pfister, Allen, Baker, Tomlinson, Cox, Minton, Carmichael, Pearson, Roller, Moon, Onstott, Chapman, Strickland, Baird, Page, Mansfield, Jennings, Dorresett, Turner, Smith, Burdit, Bilyeu, Burton, Baker, Terry, Fehrenbacher, Harrolle, Ballinger, Baker, Hibbard, Baker, Underwood, Harris, Richardson, Abu-Shabakeh, Newman, Thomas, Heller, Smith, Scott, Hurt, Callahan, Smith & Ferguson WILLIAM COUTS AND EMELINE EPPS DESCENDANTS ~Vaughn, Ruffins, Nichols, & Smith MARGARET COUTS (GORDON?) ~Freeman, Stroades MARY MARGARET COUTS (STARK) ~ Stark, Randall HENRY COUTS AND SARAH FREEMAN DESCENDANTS ~ No descendants ELIZABETH COUTS (MASON ) ~ no known heirs please click for e-mail. please click to go back to the main page.